Manual String Adjusters 908014, 908044, 908064

The tuning of instruments with metal pegs is not easy since it requires strength in order to make small, precise movements, especially the precise tuning “on the spot”.
With the help of string adjusters, series 908, this process now becomes significantly easier.

The string adjusters are for most string instruments with a distance between peg and bridge.
The strings should have a diameter between 0,1 – 1,5 mm/0.0039” – 0.0590”.
The minimum distance between the strings should be 11 mm/0.4331”.

How to use the string adjuster:
Tune the instrument with the help of a tuner and tuning key close to the correct pitch.
Important: stay approximately 20 cent below “0”.
The fine tuning will be done with the string adjuster.

Do not adjust the screw because the opening is ideal for placing the adjuster on the string.
The adjusters are positioned between the peg and the bridge.
Begin with the deepest string. The broad side of the adjuster must be positioned towards the bridge.
WITTNER® String Adjuster
Mount the adjuster by moving it slightly to the right of the middle of the string.
Push with gentle pressure towards the left.
Then move the adjuster firmly onto the bridge where it should rest fully.
Check the firm position and the screw regularly or in the event of irregular sounds.

Turn the screw clockwise until the adjuster grips the string, making sure that the adjuster is sitting fully on the bridge.
If the adjuster is too loose there is a risk that it will fall off or produce extraneous noise.

Use the tuner and pull the string while simultaneously turning the screw clockwise until the tuner is at “0”.
If the tuner is above “0”, turn the screw counterclockwise until it is back at “0”.
If the tuner is still above “0” and the screw cannot be turned further, repeat the steps described above starting tuning with the tuning key 20 cent below “0”.
The adjuster remains mounted.

Good to know:
• The instrument can be tuned with a tuning
   key while the adjusters are mounted.
   This is recommended when the instrument
   is more than ¼ pitch too deep.
   For example, when the instrument has not
   been used for a long time or is affected by
   weather conditions.
• When the pitch is too high due to humidity,
   it must be tuned to 20 cent below ”0“ with
   a tuning key in order to be able to fine tune
   with the adjuster.
• The screw is permanently attached to the
   adjuster and cannot fall off.
• The string adjuster may prevent wolf tones
   in special frequencies.
WITTNER® String Adjuster
WITTNER® String Adjuster
WITTNER® String Adjuster
WITTNER® String Adjuster

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