Mehmet Polat

To whom it may concern,
Hereby I would love to state my satisfaction with WITTNER fine tuning pegs! I have been using them nearly a year, had never any problem since they are very strong and stabile. I had been suffering a long time with the temperature and humidity changes in The Netherlands and all the countries where I had toured before, because my wooden pegs were getting easily swollen or too dry, which was making it very complicated to keep my ud in tune. After then happily I got the chance to know about Wittner pegs. Although they don't have pegs designed especially for ud, a set from a combination of the viola and violin pegs have fit perfectly in. End of all, I am grateful to Wittner for this great invention, saves me lots of time, effort and helps me have always the fine-tuning with my ud!

Sincerely yours,
Mehmet Polat

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